Essay The Thing Around Your Neck And Raymond Carver

Essay The Thing Around Your Neck And Raymond Carver

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In this essay we will be comparing the two short stories from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie "The Thing around Your Neck" and Raymond Carver "Are These Actual Miles". In these two short stories we will be exploring how both the authors challenge relationships and how different consequences have huge effects on them. Also differences of cultures influence conflict between one another. Adichie looks at the cultural clash between America and Africa. Carver focuses more on materialism and the breakdown of relationship due to bankruptcy.
“Are These Actual Miles” the short story is written in the third-person, third person narration gives a unbiased view of the story, the fact that the story is told by someone who is not in the story gives the advantage of explaining events and describing the story in an all seeing way. In comparison to “The Thing around Your Neck” is a short story written in the second person. The device of telling a story about “you” adds to the reader’s sense of intimacy with the narrator and allows the reader to experience the story as if it’s their own.
In “Are These Actual Miles’ carver uses the long syntax style which adds to the tension created by the bankruptcy issues and the problems within Leo’s and Toni’s relationship. However in comparison to “The thing Around Your Neck” Adichie uses a short and direct style of syntax throughout the story, creating mystery and highlighting the fact Akunna is quite closed up by using short sentences and full stops.
The short story of “The Thing around Your Neck” Adichie firstly explores a relationship within the family; Akunna receives a visa to go to America in order to help her struggling family in Africa. Akunna leaves her home in Nigeria to live in Maine, USA with her Unc...

... middle of paper ...

...onsumerism more than anything else going on in his life.
In conclusion in the short story "The Thing around Your Neck" the story ends on both a bad and a good note, Akunna’s father dies therefore Akunna has to come back to Africa and leave her lover behind, this also shows how important family relationships are to Akunna, as she puts love second. However Akunna does find love and the thing around her neck loosens giving her more understanding about life, and showing the reader how strong she has been, wanting the best for her family. On the other hand in the short story of "Are These Actual Miles" the ending is quite negative as Leo still wants to search for his American dream, he is not completely satisfied with living with nothing. Materialism is still playing a huge part in their life even at the end of the story, after Leo has promised Toni to start fresh.

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