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The Theory of Knowledge Essay

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“That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Knowledge itself can be compared to a small child who is about to begin the long way in learning. Why this comparison? Since, as the child grows and goes through all the school years, with time, he will learn more and more than what he did before. The same situation can be applied to knowledge itself. The pursuit of knowledge has lead mankind to the point of development we are at as of the 21st century. With the passing of time, new ideas and methodologies, and key technological developments have lead, not to discarding knowledge, but to modifying our previous knowledge. The word “discarded” can be utilized as representing two different ideas: either discarded as completely eliminating previous knowledge, or discarded as an idea that is modified thus the previous one can be argued was discarded and replace, though it is still present in the bases of this new idea.
However, how can we be sure that all knowledge is discarded completely, and not modified by new discoveries? We once believed that, for example, genetic manipulation was something just for science fiction, like Aldous Huxley’s “A Brave New World”, or the movie “Gattaca”. However, it is now a reality we are facing and researching even more. On the other hand, we can argue that in history, our knowledge is affected by sense perception, language and it will always be bias, since “history is written by the winners”.
This idea leads to the fact that, alongside technological developments, the natural sciences have not discarded and replaced knowledge, but modified that that we had with the new findings. In addition, the scientific method itself lists repetition as one of its 5 steps. Thes...

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...reviously stated, the definition for discarded is not completely accurate, since knowledge is never completely discarded, but rather modified. Technological advances, theories, ideas and methodologies are all based on something. That something is defined as the basis knowledge required to begin, and with the passing of time it was never discarded, but rather reshaped into what it is today, making what we once believed to be only for science fiction part of our reality and our daily lives.

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