Theme of War in The Sorrow of Sarajevo by Goran Simic and Duke et Decroum by Wilfred Own

Theme of War in The Sorrow of Sarajevo by Goran Simic and Duke et Decroum by Wilfred Own

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“The Sorrow of Sarajevo” by Goran Simic, and “Dulce et Decorum” by Wilfred Owen both examine the theme of war. The poem “Sorrow of Sarajevo” is an account of the poets experience in Sarajevo during the siege, in 1990 Bosnia. The poem seems to depict a man in the middle of a warzone, surrounded by dead bodies, and wreckage, the narrator seems to appear to be all alone and is filled with sorrow as he witnesses atrocities. The poem describes horror, death, civilian casualties and lasting torment. As with the poem “Dulce et Decorum” was also an account of the poets experience during the First World War, which was a an event that brought too many people, pain, sorrow and bitterness. Many people were touched by terror of the war, and have written pieces of literature about the massacre ‘WW1’. When Wilfred Owen wrote this poem, he was aiming for people to understand the horror and tragedy that befell those involved. His poem is a magnificent description of a gas attack suffered by a group of soldiers in World War 1. The poet seeks to convince us that the horror of war far outweighed the patriotic clichés of those who glamorize war. His poem is one such elegy that presents to the reader a vivid, horrifying description of the war, aiming to illustrate that war is not romantic or heroic, but a senseless and devastating event. “Sorrow of Sarajevo” was set in an urban city in the 1990’s. Whereas in “Dulce et Decorum” was set in a battlefield in the trenches. Similarly both poems have the same idea and message they are sending; which is that going to war was a big mistake.
“Sorrow of Sarajevo” is composed of 4 stanzas. It has no rhyme scheme, he uses enjambment and caesura. It also has short and simple sentences but therefor ver...

... middle of paper ...

...ling.” The punctuation had a huge impact on the image, because it gives us an idea about the tone and the emotions during this situation. Also the oxymoron “An ecstasy of fumbling,” seems odd at first, but perfect after, as a way to describe controlled panic, immediately awakened men within just seconds to find a gas mask.
In conclusion, both poems are successful since the poets used strong images to convey their feeling about war. What the poets wanted to communicate to the reader was that war isn’t what we think it is, it’s not a good thing at all especially the scenery, both in the trenches or in the city. The poem “Sorrow of Sarajevo” helped me imagine how the civilian’s lives are effected by war in city other than a battlefield. It also made me realize that they were lacking resources and people were throwing away letters and memories into the garbage truck.

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