The Journey Illustrated in Four Works: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Of Eurydice, Sky-High, and 48 Shades of Brown

The Journey Illustrated in Four Works: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Of Eurydice, Sky-High, and 48 Shades of Brown

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The word “journey” describes a profusion of events. These events can occur physically; physical journey or emotionally and intellectually; inner journey. It is important to define the Journey achieved, while analysing any specific text. The set text in this essay “The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by TS Elliot and “Of Eurydice” by Ivan Lalic can be used to create a comparison in order demonstrate the uniqueness and significance of each journey. “Sky High” written by Hannah Robert and contemporary novel “48 shades of brown” can be compared with the set text to help identify the Journey enclosed in the text. These Journeys all relate to an explicit idea, all journeys are unique and have extreme significance in the life of the traveller. After completing these Journeys, the outcome is likely positive however can turn out negative.

The poem Of Eurydice by Ivan Lalic based on a greek myth puts forward that journeys can allow one learn and gain knowledge, therefore this supports journeys usually have positive outcomes. “Eurydice” emphasises an inner journey prompted by physical journey set in “thick darkness devoid of time”; Hades. The journey is of Opheseus who, to regain his wife who passed away from a snakebite, travels to Hades. The use of strong adjectives for example “strata of dead birds” creates an accumulative effect of imagery that helps follow the dark and intimidating physical journey of Orpheseus into the underworld. The first stanza reflects failure “I return alone”, creates an anticlimactic start to the poem. This also implies Orpheseus was unsuccessful in bringing back his wife, however it creates sense of mystery for the reader. “I was alone, you see” reinforces heroism that is technically impossible, as he has...

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...t directly with the situations faced by Dan and gives a better insight into Dan’s introspecting. The use of register in the novel is colloquial the author uses this technique to help engage the reader with the protagonist, as well as position the readers to have an humorous and unserious approach to towards the issues faced by Dan. Motif “postcards” have been used throughout the novel, the postcards emphasis the relationship of Dan with his parents that live in Geneva whilst Dan lives in Australia. The “postcard” shows the barrier and alienation that Dan comes across in Australia as being a typical teenager. The novel 48 shades of Brown presents a teenage inner journey that is inescapable.

Overall, journeys can be inevitable though they can have negative outcomes. Journeys can also have major significance on an individual’s life, perspectives and psychology.

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