Essay about The Terror Of The Black Death

Essay about The Terror Of The Black Death

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The Terror of the Black Death
The Black Death (or the Black Plague) was a pandemic event in Europe’s history. Between the years of 1346 to 1351, it is estimated that as many as 200 million people lost their lives to the plague. Some individuals survived after becoming sick but they were only so lucky. There were others who were immune; science has some explanations for that in today’s age. For the rest of them, they all met their terrifying and painful fate.
Where did the Plague come from?
The origin for the plague is believed to have begun in China, near a lake (today known as Lake Issyk Kul) where the plague has occurred many times in nature. What is known about the Black Death as an absolute is it was transferred through infected flea bites. It is possible that merchants and travelers brought the plague over through the Silk Road. This is just one of the theories. Rodents and fleas near this lake could easily have jumped into cargo that made its way to the ships that were famously known to have brought the plague to Europe. In the medieval era, there were many ships traveling from different areas, discovering new lands and bringing back new goods. Unfortunately, these ships picked up vermin; rats, mice, fleas and other pests. All of these in a dirty, unkempt ship caused perfect breeding grounds for bacterias and viruses. It was only a matter of time after that did the Black Plague come to light.
There were many calls to blame for the plague. The Jews were thought to have been the culprits and many were tortured into false confessions, claiming that they had poisoned the waters. Many thought their sins were to blame and that God was punishing them. This caused an uproar and a group that were called the Flagellants came abou...

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...ives. She believes this played a large part in humanities ability to live far longer than our ancestors did. After the plague, lifespans of all the survivors and their descendants were longer. They were healthier and this can be attributed to basic genetics and improved diet, medical care, and hygiene.
The Black Death as it is called still exists today. The outbreaks occur mainly in the wild, affecting small rodent families. Every now and again a case pops up in the human world. Usually it is taken care of quickly with antibiotics and fluids as long as it is caught early. Medical research has found ways to control the Bubonic plague and hygiene and diets are healthier today than they were in the 1300’s. As long as the pathogen stays subtle and makes no fast paced changes in its biological programming, mankind should be safe from another epidemic of the Black Death.

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