Essay about The Tell Tale Heart The Story Speak About A Murder

Essay about The Tell Tale Heart The Story Speak About A Murder

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In the Tell-Tale Heart the story speak about a murder. The narrator telling the story
discusses his resolve in murdering the old man.
Edgar Allen Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. By the age of
three his parents had passed away and he was sent to live with a family outside of Richmond
Virginia. John Allan and his wife Francis Valentine Allen took Poe in as a young boy. Mr. Allan
trained Poe to be a business man like him and a gentleman in the upper class of Virginia,
However Poe wanted to be a poet and tried at age thirteen when he wrote a series of poetry. The
headmaster discouraged this and expressed as much to John Allan. (Edgar Allen Poe Museum ).
In 1827 Poe published his first book of poetry Tamerlane and Other Poems and joins the United
States Army. Only two years later in 1829 his adoptive mother Francis Allan dies of
tuberculosis; Poe leaves the military in order to see her before she dies but he is too late. During
this time he writes his second literary works Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. In 1834
John Allan dies and leaves Edgar Allan Poe nothing in his will. Edgar married his 13 year old
cousin Virginia in 1836 In 1842 Virginia had succumbed to the tuberculosis and died. After
Virginia’s death several of his poems mentioned a beautiful young maiden whom some believe
to be a depiction of his deceased wife Virginia. Edgar Allan Poe died himself in 1849 with no
known cause. In his life time Poe wrote roughly 53 poems and over 70 short stories and
published several books. He didn’t make very much money as an author yet he worked solely on
his writing and he was later associated with the term starving writer. (Edgar Allen Poe)”
The general consensus of this story is that the man committed th...

... middle of paper ... that which is strange or akward. This story is significant of the rest of
Poe’s stories they have a sinister and dark element but at heart it teaches a lesson. These stories
are more about the basic face value of the of the plot. They are about reading between the lines.
This story has a powerful lesson. It is possible the old man just had cataracts or some other
problems with his vision yet the narrator wanted to rid the world of that problem. There are
several reasons this story became such a widley read story it have murder, intrigue, suspsion.
This story hit the darkest part of humanity. Things that were not so widley spoken about and
ecspecially during this time period. Edgar Allan Poe wrote many of these stories to show the
darker side of man and show the deeper evils in the human condition. These are the issues that
make these stories relate to all humans.

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