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Teenage alcohol abuse is one of the major problems that affect academic performance, cause health problems and is responsible for the death of teenage drivers and sometime their passengers. Many teens drink because they think it is cool and do not understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. In 2008 a survey on the students views on alcohol was conducted in the Atlanta Public School System of 4,241 students surveyed results showed 74% of sixth graders felt there was a health risk while 25% felt there was no health risk; 81% of eighth graders felt there was a health risk, while 19% felt there was none; 82% of tenth graders felt there was a health risk, while 18% felt there was none, and 84% of twelve graders felt there was a health risk, while 15% felt there was none. Given these results on average of all grades, 20% of the students surveyed were unaware of the dangers of alcohol use. If one calculates, using the formular of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2003), “three teens are killed each day when they drink alcohol and drive. At least six more die every day from other alcohol-related causes” (table 79). The impact of this student population’s lack of knowledge equates to 49 of those students per week who most likely will die because they do not understand the dangers of alcohol.2
The Atlanta Public School System seeks funding to bring an awareness through a strong preventive program that will serve to education students on the dangers of alcohol and reinforce non drinkers knowledge of the risk of drinking alcohol.
The Atlant Public School System intends to develop a health program that addresses the dangers of drinking alcohol through particial replication of two established preventive programs for te...

... middle of paper ... statistics tell us that the following interventions help to reduce the incidence of binge drinking:
2. Education in secondary schools about the dangers of binge drinking
3. Teens suffering from alcoholism are quite often behind academically. Their drinking has interfered with their schooling. They need to catch up to their peers so that school is no longer a stressor and they can graduate on time.
4. Education is an extremely important part of the treatment of teen age alcoholism. Teens rarely understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. They need to be educated about the health risks they face when they drink. Because teens tend to feel they are invincible, they sometimes do not feel these risks apply to them. Sometimes speaking with another teen that has experienced serious health problems related to drinking can help. (learn about alcohol, 2010, p.1)

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