Teen Suicide Should Not Be The Third Leading Cause Death Among Teens Essay

Teen Suicide Should Not Be The Third Leading Cause Death Among Teens Essay

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About each year, “nearly 40,000 Americans commit suicide, five thousand” (SAVE 1) of those people are regular teens. Every day, another teenager will die of committing suicide. Over the past few years, suicide rates in teenagers have been dramatically increasing. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death amongst teens and young adults in the United States, right behind motor vehicles accidents and then homicides. Something as horrific as teen suicide should not be the third leading cause of death among teenagers. Suicide is a problem that needs to be addressed and furthermore prevented.
Why are teens trying to kill themselves? Why are these statistics present? These are the big questions. Some teens try to commit suicide to escape bad situations that seem impossible; some try to escape feelings of rejection, hurt or loss. Others try to commit suicide to escape the anger, shame or guilt of something they have done. Some may be worried about disappointing family or friends. And others may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized or a burden to their family or friends. We all have those feelings at some point in our lives. Some people try to go through tough situations one step at a time, try to resolve their problems and move on. So why do people even consider suicide? The answer isn’t always simple.
Studies show that untreated mental illness is the number one cause of teen suicide. Depression is an illness that affects twelve percent of teens. Ninety percent of all people who kill themselves “have a treatable mental…disorder” (NAMI 1). Suicide and Teens states that over half of all teens suffering from depression will attempt suicide (Boston Children’s 2). Depression isn’t just mood swings or just a personal weakness. Depressi...

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... psychiatric disorders” (Dolnak 2). A major advantage of psychotherapy over treatment with medication is that psychotherapy has few physiological side effects, an especially important consideration. In addition, psychotherapy offers the possibility of effective treatment for those who have not responded to medications. A disadvantage is that psychotherapy typically takes longer than drug therapy to produce benefits that are noticeable to the person receiving treatment “six to eight weeks or longer for psychotherapy, compared with four to six weeks for medication”(Hopkins 1). Also, psychotherapy alone is not effective in people with severe depression or bipolar disorders. Regardless, the essential basis of all psychotherapy is the establishment of a trusting relationship with the therapist. This allows the patient to share confidences, life experiences and problems.

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