Techniques On Germination Of Gleditsia Triacanthos Var Essay example

Techniques On Germination Of Gleditsia Triacanthos Var Essay example

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Scarification techniques on Germination of Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis
Mechanical dormancy in seeds is an issue that horticulturists have been studying to determine which method is best for breaking seed dormancy. Scarification can be completed in many different methods whether it is an acid treatment, scarified by file or a given heating treatment (Davis, T.D 1991). Gleditsia triacanthos is often used as a street tree due to its ability to survive from pollution, however the species tends to be somewhat damaged by Sulfur dioxide. Gleditsia tri is also resistant to salt spray which makes it a popular choice in the northeast due to the use of road salt during the winter months (Blair, RB 1990). The seeds produced from this tree have an impermeable seed coat making it harder to germinate. While these trees are in the wild, their seeds are eaten by birds and the stomach acid breaks down the seed coat allowing it to germinate more efficiently (Blair, RB 1990). To replicate this in the greenhouse, sulfuric acid is used to break down the seed coat similarly to the way the stomach acid of a bird would do (Viela, AV 2000). Other than using chemical treatments such as sulfuric acid to break the seed coat, scarification by a file or razor blade can be performed to aid in germination. Studies have been conducted to discover which method is best for certain species, such as Prunus scorpia and Prunus webbii (MH, Heidari, 2008). They concluded that mechanical removal of the seed coat worked more efficiently than acid soaking. Data gathered from this experiment and similar others can be used by propagators who wish to find the most efficient way of overcoming mechanical dormancy. To test which scarification technique works ...

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...o sulfuric acid that slowly eats away at the seed coat allowing water and other nutrients to reach the seed. Seed dormancy is not the only factor when it comes to seed germination. Light levels and germination temperature can also affect germination (PW Wang 2016). This experiment could have been designed differently to test all of the factors affecting germination while light levels and temperature were monitored during the experiment they were not completely controlled. Shade cloth only reduces the light to a certain extent, and the temperature was mainly affected by the amount of sunlight penetrating the greenhouse. The roots from the seedlings also could have been further analyzed to ensure that the acid soak didn’t create any damage around the root substrate. If each seed was placed in an individual pot opposed to 5 per pot the given outcome might have changed.

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