Essay about Teaching Is A Very Complex Profession

Essay about Teaching Is A Very Complex Profession

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Teaching is a very complex profession. Many facets of education need to be taken in order to be successful as a teacher. Teaching is not solely about imparting the skills and knowledge. It is about love and relationships that not only allows learning to happen but encourages children 's development holistically and empowers them to work towards their dreams and becoming who they want to be.
The first belief in my philosophy of teaching is that each child is unique and learning should be child centered, which will motivate the children to learn new skills and knowledge. All children learn most effectively when they are actively involved in first-hand experiences. According to Dewey, the teacher should not be the sage on stage anymore. The function of the teacher should be that of facilitator and guide. The teacher becomes a collaborator in the learning procedure, guiding children to independently discover meaning within the subject area. An example of this gives children opportunity to direct learning. Vygotsky believed that it is “very important for adults to distinguish what a child could do and knew already and then build on this existing knowledge to help the child to make sense of the world”. While children are active, constructivist beings. I believe in Vygotsky 's concept of scaffolding and that it is an efficient tool in guiding learning, by skillfully interacting with children at appropriate moments in their learning, we can help promote a child 's cognitive development, and allow them to take the initiative to do it on their own. Another example is monitoring their own learning to develop strategies for learning. Work in collaboration with other learners.
My second belief is that children learn through play. The play is c...

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...aching is full of surprises and new situations and one must be ready to adapt, react and discover new strategies. An example of this is form positive relations and rapport with the children. What remains true, it is the necessity to create a meaningful learning environment and to understand how to relate one 's knowledge to students.
In summary, All children can learn. It is my mission to present opportunities for children to grow and develop as emerging learners within a complex society. As educators, we must allow children the opportunity to master new challenges through activities and topics that are meaningful to them. Children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning. I consider play to be the true base of learning since children learn best by doing. I strongly consider families to be a vital aspect of learning.

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