Essay on The Tale Of Cinderella By Anne Sexton And The Brother 's Grimm

Essay on The Tale Of Cinderella By Anne Sexton And The Brother 's Grimm

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As the world has transformed and progressed throughout history, so have its stories and legends, namely the infamous tale of Cinderella. With countless versions and adaptations, numerous authors from around the world have written this beauty’s tale with their own twists and additions to it. And while many may have a unique or interesting way of telling her story, Anne Sexton and The Brother’s Grimm’s Cinderellas show the effects cultures from different time periods can have on a timeless tale, effects such as changing the story’s moral. While Sexton chooses to keep some elements of her version, such as the story, the same as the Brothers Grimm version, she changes the format and context, and adds her own commentary to transform the story’s purpose from a tale for children, to a tale for women empowerment.
Sexton copied many elements for her version of Cinderella from that of the Brothers Grimm. Not only because the Grimm’s version was unique, but also so that she could create a connection between the stories, and make the differences more evident. Both version tell the same tale of how a beautiful girl saves herself from her two stepsisters who had “hearts like blackjacks” (Sexton 77) by marrying off to a wealthy and handsome prince. These similarities in the two stories help them establish a connection, despite them being almost a century apart. With such a connection, fairy tale enthusiasts and literature scholars alike are instantly attracted to Sexton’s version, while also getting a quick grasp of it. Sexton may have chosen to write her poem based on the story by the Brothers Grimm so that the changes she makes would be evident as there would be a clear comparison. This helps even the unnoticeable differences stand out and cr...

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...d realizing the impossibility of the existence of a “happily ever after”. While the Brothers Grimm told a story to teach children the value of goodness, Sexton wrote a poem to teach adults the value of the truth in our reality, something from which we can learn even today.
Cinderella and her story have gone through countless transformations and alterations through the ages, and none say this better than the versions of Anne Sexton and The Brothers Grimm. When comparing the two, we can see through the similarities, such as the stories, and differences, such as the format and context, how our world and its generations have changed, as the moral of the story changed its target from children to adults. It does not matter if a story is a decade old or a century old, as long as it holds words that speak the truth, truth that even today’s world and its people can relate to.

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