Taking a Look at Monroe County, Illinois Essay

Taking a Look at Monroe County, Illinois Essay

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Monroe County, Illinois
Monroe County is very unique and has many towns and cities in it that have very fasinating facts about them. Some of the towns and cities are Glasgow City, Renault, Chalfin Bridge, and Waterloo. Even though the towns have fasinating facts, the facts about just the county in general and where it was given the name from is also very interesting. The population and type of people in the population can be very unusual but interesting also. Fasinating and interesting, the population and the facts about Monroe County and its towns is something that you could really get interested into researching.
Facts about Monroe County
Some very interesting historical facts and population facts about Monroe County are the fact that is was named after the United States’s fifth president, James Monroe. Every ten years the population increased. In 1900 it was 13,847 and by the year 2000 it was 27, 619. That is almost twice the amount it was in 1900 (“Monroe County, Illinois” para.1.1,1.2 ). The parenting counties of Monroe County are Randolph county and St. Clair County. Monroe County has five neighboring counties if you include it’s parents The counties are Jefferson County, MO: Randolph County, IL; Ste. Genevieve County, MO; St. Louis County, MO; and St. Clair County, IL (“Monroe County, Illinois” para. 1.2, 1.3 ). In Monroe County there is four public library’s. The library’s are as follows: Columbia Public Library, Hecker Public Library, Morrison-Talbott Library, and the Valmeyer Public Library District (“Monroe County, Illinois” para.2.17.4).
Quick Facts on the population, geography, and sales of Monroe County, IL
By 2012 the amount of people that were five years and under were 5.5%; the percent of people eighteen years...

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