Taking A Journey Through The Slave Trade Essays

Taking A Journey Through The Slave Trade Essays

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Taking a journey through the slave trade begin with the involvement of many factors. We tend to look at the Europeans kidnapping Africans from the Continent of Africa and taking them to a strange land. This begun two hundred and forty-five years of slavery in North America. A process of cultivating land, providing a diverse labor force, and the reproduction of a multiracial generation. Slavery helped shaped a worldwide economy and a political process that African descendants, have an interest in today. Consequently, it instilled inferiority to the enslaved race. The unfortunate laws of the slavery, encourage a race of people to overcome and reap the benefits of their ancestral sacrifices.
Slavery and trading have gone on since the biblical times, but before ships traveling across the seas there was the donkey. Trading was accomplished on foot with donkey and camel caravans. These natural home grown agriculture goods, allow the traders to meet neighboring villages, missionaries helped spread the knowledge of their religious values and traders also brought disease. A Chinese inventor experimented with chemistry and invented gunpowder, then into cannonballs, this would ever change the world of fighting with swords and bow and arrows. The Arab Muslims immediate adopted this invention to help fight against and then to the Europeans where they further advanced this idea the hand held cannons then to rifles.
Africa had many different forms of politics and governments they were closely related to the economic production organization. The village style governments with the elders of the village the leader or the village chiefs they were the overseers of hunting and gathering in a small agricultural community. Larger gov...

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...he south’s Confederate Army. President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, and signed the Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863.
Conclusion, Atlantic slave trade offered the Europeans wealthy, more educated and a less compassionate attitude toward another human being. We all suffer from inferiority complex and slavery created a power and wealth struggle within the African American race. The effect has caused higher prison incarceration rates, and a race who spend 99% of their yearly earning on material goods in order to deceit people. The ship Amistad received justice from John Quincy Adams, Nat Turner and a few others that rebelled were caught and punished for slave owners murder. The Haitian Revolution, should have sent a clue to those Christians that slavery was not of God. The psychological effect on slavery still is in embedded into our lives today.

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