Symbolic Analysis for A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner Essay

Symbolic Analysis for A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner Essay

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On a daily basis, the average American comes across many symbols every day. Symbolism can best be described as a person, place, or object that means something much more than what it is described to be. Colors are great examples of symbolism. The color black symbolizes death and pain while the color grey symbolizes distress and concern. Inanimate object also do present symbols as well. A chain symbolizes a link in relationships while the sun symbolizes spirituality and visibility.
In the story, A Rose for Emily, the townspeople gather around to mourn the death of Miss Emily Grierson. As they gather each person reminisce memories of the woman, whether they were good or bad. Emily Grierson was a settled young lady who lived with an over powering father and quiet servant. Emily was never allowed to date or fancy a man because her father would keep her captive and secluded from any relations. On the day of the father’s death, Emily could not let her father go; therefore she kept her father with her for three days, in denial that he had passed. Time went on and Miss Emily decided it was time for a change. Miss Emily crossed paths with a man by the name of Homer Barron. He was an upstate Yankee worker who was on a job nearby the Grierson home. The townspeople were disappointed because of the Grierson name. According to them, they believed that Emily would never fall for Barron. They were wrong. After a while of going out and having fun, Homer was never seen again. Miss Emily would be seen buying odd items for marriage which made the

townspeople believe they were getting married. On another day, Emily bought arsenic, and was never heard from again. The Grierson home began to look
dusty and unsanitary throughout years. On the day...

... middle of paper ...

...e subliminal text, giving the short story a better understanding through the literary technique.

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