Swot Analysis : Quality Driven Management Essay

Swot Analysis : Quality Driven Management Essay

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FedEx is constantly on the move, no matter how good their quality may be, they continue to look for ways to improve their customer service. Quality Driven Management (QDM), is an approach built on decades of experience, which FedEx has developed the highest levels of quality and leadership (n.d., Quality driven management to meet your needs, 2016). QDM pulls the best ideas and practices from many quality philosophies including Six Sigma, Lean and Total Quality Management to generate an approach to quality that is as unique as FedEx. Contrasting to most other approaches, QDM is best suited for a service business rather than manufacturing. Equating to QDM’s focus is always on the customer. FedEx aims to make every customers experience outstanding. Moreover, it means they are constantly measuring their performance by means of an enterprise-wide system of metrics to ensure they keep their focus efforts on what really matters to the customers (n.d., Quality driven management to meet your needs, 2016).
To support FedEx’s steadfast business strategy, they launched an internal system to drive the full potential of QDM tools and principles. The key aspects include regular training and skills reinforcement programs, this ensures the effective use of quality tools at all levels of their company. In addition, there is the use of statistical software tools, which allows the accurate analysis and use of data relating to quality issues. Their managers receive a weekly provision of resources to assist them and their teams towards the effective use of QDM to improve quality and the active pursuit of systems and practices facilitating team members to understand the customer has needs and enable them to develop effective quality solutions. QDM is ...

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...Ex looks for ways to improve their products and processes, many organizations engage in an activity called benchmarking. Six Sigma uses a benchmarking tool that compares an organization’s processes with the best practices. If used in this manner, benchmarking activities should not be restricted to only organizations with one industry, companies that are best at performing a certain activity are used (Meredith & Shafer, 2013). Another tool that helps translate customer requirements into process capabilities is Quality Function Deployment (QFD). QFD ensures that recently designed or improved products satisfy market requirements and are producible. The QFD methodology utilizes a series of tables to maintain links among customer requirements, technical requirements, component requirements, process requirements, and specific process activities (Meredith & Shafer, 2013).

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