Essay on Sustainability For Mnes

Essay on Sustainability For Mnes

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Sustainability for MNEs has been a continuous goal for over forty years, starting

with agricultural concepts. Intervention began considered by world authorities as

early as 1980, as described in “The World Conservation Strategy” (Allen, 1980).

Because of global attention on sustainable growth and development and

conservation of resources, global climate conferences began convening in 1997

(Cadieux & Conklin, 2011). Sustainability has become a global concept and an

institutional concept that is not only part of an institution’s Global Citizenship and

Governance, but is also overseen as part of the institution’s Code of Conduct.

Employees are often encouraged to embrace the program and be compliant and

are audited regularly, for example at Xerox (, 2014). Xerox has its

Code of Conduct posted on both its internal and external websites, available to

employees, customers and suppliers.

Challenges have evolved over time and can be reviewed in the literature, and as

sustainability measures are implemented and adopted by consumers and

businesses they must be measured and evaluated for their impact on the

environment (Intelligent Energy Systems, 2010). Earlier in this process, there

were less challenges identified, in fact David Orr identified only four processes in

the challenge of moving toward a sustainable environment (Orr, 2003). That

would have been identifying models, metaphors and measures to describe the

human enterprise relative to the biosphere, improving creativity in arts of

citizenship and governance, informing discretion and improving education, and
finally resolving divergent problems (Orr, 2003). The last challenge refers to the

fact that the transition to sustainabil...

... middle of paper ...

...ability in their home. Mr. Nicholson stressed the importance of

offering even minimal sustainability strategy in each and every circumstance

(Nicholson, 2014).

Finally, FedEx has been developing a Hybrid Electric Vehicle fleet to reduce their

greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency compared to 2004 levels.

FedEx also pushed for overall efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for

commercial vehicles nationally. FedEx has a complete sustainability program

outlined in its Earthsmart website (Jackson, 2014).

In summary, the challenges revealed from interviews of executives in the printing

sector of the logistics/manufacturing industry in five different companies have

quite different challenges, and none are experiencing the same challenges. All

are very active in sustainability and all are claiming that sustainability is


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