Susan Glaspell 's Trifles On Women Essay

Susan Glaspell 's Trifles On Women Essay

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During the 1900s they were not seen as equal, presumed inferior and uneducated creatures only good to own for labor and reproducing. Not slaves, but women who were seen as property and lived unfair lives. Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles to arise a controversial subject that was over looked by society during the 1900s; the oppression of women, which is depicted throughout the play. Glaspell uses stereotypes, symbols and irony to distinguish the different roles between genders during the period the play was written in.
The female characters in the “Trifles” are the main victims of stereotypical implication: showing how women were viewed by society in the early 20th century. The drama shows women were seen as inferior and even as second class citizens in comparison to men. A women’s place was to be a stay at home wives, do chores and be mothers; women did not have many tasks in giving opinions at home nor in society as men saw them as uneducated and emotionally weak. Through the lines of the male characters the audience can see how these ideas are implicated in the play. Lewis Hale explains to Mr. Henderson the reason for him benign at Mr. Wright’s home was to see if there would be any effect on the question to Mr. Wright getting a party line with him if Mr. Wright’s wife was there. He continues to say “Though I said to Harry that I didn’t know as what his wife, wanted made much difference to John.”(Glaspell 923) signifying that Mr. Wright did not acknowledge his wife interests. “Well, can you beat the women! Held for murder and worryin’ about her preserves” (Glaspell 924). The County Attorney, George Henderson remarks to insult Mrs. Wright the accused murderer of her husband Mr. John Wright. Accompanied by Lewis Hale’s line “Well, wo...

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..., useage of irony not only creates a deaper meaning to the simpler things, but also acts against the logic of the male characters. The title its self “Trifles” a pears to be one the more prominent uses of iron. Mr. Hale astertavly inultes his wife and her companion by saying that women wory about trifels, as a result the trifles they considered unimportant were the prolonged evidences they were looking for.
In final analysis, Susan Glaspell techniques of using symbolism and stereotype to arise a disputatious topic of murder between spouses to show her view on women oppression can be observed with in the play. The manner the play writer uses literary techniques of stereotype to describe how women shun from society just for been the wrong gender for the time period. Symbolism saturates the production with meaning that create sympathy for women being oppressed by men.

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