Essay on The Surprising Truth That Motivates Us

Essay on The Surprising Truth That Motivates Us

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Drive: the Surprising Truth that motivates Us
Pink (2009) illustrates a motivational operating system about the behavior of humans that operate our attitudes in daily life and business practices. Motivation 1.0 speculates about the biological survival of human beings i.e. food, water and relations. Motivation 2.0 suggests that human beings work with the desire of reward or with the fear of punishment for their survival in the society. Motivation 3.0 however, elevates the belief that human beings also have a third emulation to learn, conceptualize and produce to make this world a better place to live in.
A research was done in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in this regard. They selected a group of students and came up with some challenges including physical and mental exercises including different puzzles, memorizing and balls games. For the incitement of students they presented some rewards categorized in three levels; a small fiscal reward for the students who did just well, a medium award for ones who did somehow better, and a big grant for the performers who came up with outstanding performance. This type of motivation is basically used in organizations where the top performers are awarded with the best whereas a subnormal is neglected. The results of the study showed that as long as the person has to follow some rules and work within certain limitations, they work efficiently and get their bonus and rewards. But when it comes to a task where cognitive abilities and creative skills are required, tempt and lust of bonus and awards didn’t work. It came out to be “larger reward-poor performance”. But the results couldn’t be concluded by a single research, so they planned to change their geographical location as they consid...

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... and zealous leader in classroom activities. The leader of Motivation 3.0 by Pink signifies the role of a diligent leadership. A zealous leader always acknowledges that each individual is unique in his own way. One just has to put himself to the other persons shoe and make him comfortable and motivated enough to show his strengths and skills. A leader will understand that each person working with him has mastery in his own way and he just needs a push and a support to come up with the best. So does ‘Drive’ imply to classroom activities. Traditionally, the assessment of a student had been based upon the grades and achievements. Now days, the main focus has been diverted to learning rather than grades i.e. all factors emerging from Motivation 3.0 in which learning practices are considered to be most important and meaningful in shaping the career and life of a student.

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