The Supreme Liar, There Is Only One Type Of Moviegoer Essay

The Supreme Liar, There Is Only One Type Of Moviegoer Essay

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According to George Lucas, the supreme liar, there is only one type of moviegoer. As usual, George Lucas is incorrect. There are actually three types of moviegoers. They are the romance type, the comedy type, and the sci-fi type.
The romance moviegoer has a polished appearance. For example, her mouth is wound in a small smile that uncovers a sliver of pearly white teeth. The perfectly straight teeth are partially obstructed by lips that are coated in an even, thin layer of pink lipstick. Furthermore, her shoes are a fashionable pair of brightly colored high heels. As she walks, the shoes click loudly against the tile floor like horse hooves on cement. Also, her bright eyes are artfully rimmed with slim lines of makeup, making the blue irises pop with color. Her eyelashes are long and curled, staying in place with a thick layer of black mascara. Additionally, the romance moviegoer’s hair is flawless. Her thick, blonde curls are neatly combed and effortlessly rest on her shoulders, only bouncing slightly when she moves. Finally, her shirt is a cute and stylish and has zero wrinkles. The blouse is well fitted and matches the same pink color as her lipstick. The romance moviegoer resembles the lovely and talented actress, Jennifer Aniston.
The romance moviegoer exhibits a lovesick behavior. For example, if she is at a restaurant, she is always with a date. She tries to mimic the cliché scenes in romantic films; like sharing food or holding hands at a candlelit table. Also, at school, the romance moviegoer is considered the popular girl. She surrounds herself with friends and always starts drama because she plays matchmaker and tries to get her friends into romantic relationships whether they want it or not. She has a boyfriend of ...

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...d quickly answers the question in hopes that the teacher will direct her attention elsewhere. Finally, when the sci-fi lover is at the movie theater, he is content with being alone. As he buys his tickets and refreshments, he is meek when speaking to the employees and often stumbles on his words. Once he is in the theater, he waits patiently for the movie to start and silently munches on his popcorn. When the film begins, his eyes shine with excitement as he watches his beloved characters come to life on screen. At the end of the movie, he sticks around and watches the entire roll of credits while everyone else hurriedly shuffles out.
There are three types of moviegoers: the romance type, the comedy type, and the sci-fi type. It is important to have diversity in movies so they can appeal to everyone. George Lucas should keep an open mind towards other movie genres.

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