Suffrage Is The First Step For Women 's Equality Essay

Suffrage Is The First Step For Women 's Equality Essay

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Suffrage is the first step for women 's equality. When women can vote they will have a voice in politics. This means that women 's issues and women 's voices can no longer be ignored. All American citizens will be political equals and women can focus their attention to other issues. This is an idealized view of what will happen when women gain suffrage since we all know that African American men and women will be dissuaded from voting. While this may be true, women, moreover white educated women, can focus on getting African American men and women access to the vote since we will have a voice in politics. The vote will also allow women to focus on multiple issues seeing as women can vote on multiple laws at once and they will have more influence over politicians. Suffrage opens floodgates for women 's equality and freedom in America, but women have to get the vote first so we will have political equality.
Political equality is the first step for most feminist issues. Simply looking at laws that are in place in America, when women have the right to vote they can start to change the laws that discriminate against them. Women can also create laws to protect against discrimination and create laws that improve women 's lives in other ways. Issues of wages and proper working conditions frequently come up in conversation. There is not a better way to address low wages and poor working conditions than by creating a minimum wage, enforced by law, and creating laws that address poor working conditions. Companies in America only care about profits therefore a fitting way to make companies adhere to protective legislation would be to fine them when they have improper working conditions. Protective legislation and a minimum wage would not onl...

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...heir husbands are independent of them.
Women have problems that men don 't understand and cannot understand sue to the fact that men are not impacted the same way women are by these issues. Therefore women need to be in politics to address these issues. Politics, again, are only the first step. Women have power and the vote amplifies that power. Feminists believe that women are no different than men and wanted to be treated as such. Feminists want to achieve equality for women in the political sphere, economic sphere, personal sphere, and any other possible sphere. When all women can vote they will be equal in the political sphere and then we can tackle any issue that women face. Feminists do not kid ourselves in thinking all issues women face will be solved within our lifetime seeing as change is slow coming, but we will fight our whole lives to be seen as equals.

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