Essay on Subliminal Messages Can Help You Live A Better Lifeby Kari

Essay on Subliminal Messages Can Help You Live A Better Lifeby Kari

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How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Live A Better LifeBY KARI ON OCTOBER 8, 2014 NO COMMENTS
Can Subliminal Messages Affect Your Thoughts?
Can Subliminal Messages Affect Your Thoughts?
We have all heard about subliminal messages being used by evil advertisers who want you to buy their products or politicians who want you to believe something in their best interest, but, are they really that powerful? Well, it turns out that they can be powerful, especially if they are used on areas of your life that you already want to improve.

An Explanation Of Subliminal Messages And Some History On It

Subliminal Messages Can Impact Behavior
So, according to the video, subliminal messages cannot necessarily create emotions or be motivational; however, if someone is already emotional or motivated, then subliminal messages can add to that. Moreover, subliminal messages can point people in the right direction (the advertisers direction) to fulfill those desires.

There are a lot of subliminal messages that go unnoticed currently in our daily lives. For instance, every time we see a skinny model on the cover of a magazine, with the label ‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World’, we may not think much about it, but subconsciously we are noting that she is skinny and being recognized as beautiful in a magazine. That association stays with us as we eat a doughnut, gain a pound, and measure our fat (once again) in the mirror.

Moreover, businesses like huge fast food companies use a lot of subliminal tricks to get at our subconscious mind and make us believe certain things and associate certain things. I still think of McDonald’s when I see a sesame seed bun because of that song I sang when I was kid – even though I never eat at McDonald’s anymore.

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...te your own. You can simply write down the positive affirmations, pick the music you want, and they will have it ready for you in a couple of days. This, essentially, allows you to make your own subliminal positive affirmation list tailored directly to your inner desires.

I can’t say enough good things about subliminal messages. I love positive affirmations, but I hate saying them everyday, and I often forget to say them to be honest. With subliminal messages from this site, you just put on your earphones for 10 minutes and let your subconscious pick up the messages you want to start incorporating into your life.

I’m amazed at how my subliminal Mp3s have already affected my work ethic and belief in attracting what I want.

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