Essay on The Struggles Of A New Society

Essay on The Struggles Of A New Society

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Everyone has their own unique story when it comes to immigration. Anaisa Truffin now 26 years has her very own unique experience of the immigration life. Through many great answers that she gave me I’m going to explain the struggles of having to abandon her youth to flourish in a new society.
Anaisa was born in Cuba in 1987, from a young age she’s always been very independent person from what she remembers. She always has been outgoing, and very strong willed which she claims she got from her father. When Anaisa was thirteen she and her family received a great opportunity to move and live in the United States. This was great news because this meant that they could have a chance of a better life. Furthermore, Anaisa’s parents sold all their house hold items to move to this new place that was going to be completely different from what they have ever known, so there was no going back. When Anaisa arrived in the States along with her mother, father, and younger brother she quickly realized that everything was more advanced and elegant looking. She explained that it was a struggle for her and her family to do something because they couldn’t speak English at all. It was a very scary feeling of not knowing what to do next she explained thoroughly. Luckily her family had friends that would be able to lend them a hand for a little while as they got costumed to this new life.
Eventually Anaisa had to start school in the 8th grade in this new place that she now calls home. Her parents couldn’t find proper way to learn English so they relied on her to do so. Anaisa tells how she had to give up a lot of the fun things she did to learn as much as she could. She would go to school, and after she would have to attend afterschool learning progra...

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... seems to affect them in a positive way. She tells anyone who is currently going through what she has experienced, to not give up, and stay head strong. She empathies with them and counsels them in any type of way that could help them. She very strong wiled and head strong, but also extremely kind and caring towards others. Her quote to everyone is, “Success is admired because is not easy to do and not everyone archives it, but if you do teach others.”
By the experience that Anaisa has told I can say a few things about her. Not only did her experience inspire me and other people, but how good can a person be. I couldn’t imagine the amount of work sacrifice that she had to endure to get where she is at. The best thing about her story that is completely selfless, she doesn’t brag about her story or achievements. And i really think she is a person worth looking up too.

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