Essay about Structure Of Formation Of Cratonic Basins

Essay about Structure Of Formation Of Cratonic Basins

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4. Discussions
4.1 crustal modifications in SCB and Chuxiong cratonic basins
Central Sichuan (SC), in between Longquan F. and Huayingshan F., is considered as the oldest and the most stable core of the Yangtze plateau, which has a high homogeneous and degrees of hardenability basement below (XiongXS et al., 2015). Chuxiong basin, with Paleoproterozoic rigid lower basement, is independent of tectonic activity. These two cratonic basins both show a relatively low Vp/Vs ratio in lower crust compared to the global average (Christensen, 1996). Till now, there are still some debates on the process of formation of cratonic basins. The resemble characters in Chuxiong Basin and Central SC Basin indicate that lopsided gravity delamination of eclogitic lower crust plays an important role in both the subsidence and long-term stability of the cartonization process, which resulted in a thicker and relative higher velocity root in the lithosphere.
4.2 Mantle residue in the lower crust and its relationship with aulacogens
The mafic or ultramafic residue in CFB and NE SC is mostly composed with the same material with mantle and has a much larger volume than the felsic crust (Schulze, 1989). Cui et al., 1996 summarized the arrangement and velocity in the lower crust of Yangtze Craton is very alike the Phanerozoic Stretching craton with active rifts. Based on the theory of plate tectonics (K.Burke, 1973), mantle uplift or mantle plume, and the mass exchange between crust and mantle are considered as the main driving force of the process of continental rifting. For a triple junction, as the active rift formed by mantle diapirism, the abandoned arm is aulacogen. Since Neoproterozoic era, Chinese continental has experienced three large-scale movements...

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...e crustal thickening of Longmenshan block and West Qinlin faults zone is most attributed to a result of lower crustal thickening and delamination.
3)Mechanism related to earthquakes: More than 75% of topographic relief in LMS F. has already been formed during Cenozoic time (WangEQ et al., 2012), but under the continuous interactions among rigid SCB, LMS block and active Litang Block, the presence of fluid beneath South LMS F. results in the rapid uplift and large strain accumulation, which disturbed the still and triggered earthquakes, or to some extent, as a byproduct, may plant seed for the reacitive of CFB aulacogen. This is unanimous with high topography but very low shortening in LMS F. (Shen et al., 2005). Our interpretation links both intra-continental deformation of XSH F. (Molnar and Tapponnier, 1978) and reactivity of LMS F. together during the Cenozoic.

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