Strengthening the Learning Process through Music Essay

Strengthening the Learning Process through Music Essay

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Music is said to influence the process of thinking and learning by motivating the student to think better, analyze faster and work more efficiently. Studies have shown that just listening to music is beneficial. However, it is the participating fully in music, the singing and playing of music that strengthens the learning process. Exposure through lessons and other activities may help students to explore and boost their confidence and help them achieve more success in their endeavors. The fact is, music is an important avenue to individual success. Music should be available to all students in all schools, because it holds such an influential place in academic structure (Children’s Music Workshop Music’s 1). Wilber-Clatonia High School should mandate that all students take at least one semester of vocal and one semester of instrumental music in high school.
Music is a universal language, which speaks to a whole variety of people cutting though racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers. It has become an expression for many cultures. The oldest artifacts show people playing musical instruments over four thousand years ago. Men and women through time have been moved by the powerful words and beats that musicians have created to provoke emotions. However, no matter how much music may have differed, it seems that music served a common purpose: to bring people together.
By bringing people together fills a student’s “bag” with self-motivation, assessment and practical application. It allows a person to take a look at the world and appreciate what people do and to have a deep-understanding of the world. This is very important in the world of music because it is culturally diverse. Students experience thi...

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