The Strength of Peer Pressure on the Youth Essay

The Strength of Peer Pressure on the Youth Essay

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Peer Pressure
Have you ever been peer pressured? If so, what did you do? How did you feel? Peer pressure doesn’t only happen to teens, it happens to people of all ages. Who knows, you could have possibly pressured someone into doing something without even knowing it. Not all peer pressure is done intentionally; and it isn’t always bad, but that doesn’t mean it is always good. All people handle these types of situations differently, some better than others. Overall, peer pressure is positive because it enforces kids to try new things, it just takes a responsible teen to know their morals. “Peer pressure” is a term generally associated with the social pains of the preteen and teenage years.
People are peer pressured every day. Whether it’s to take a shot of alcohol, take a puff off a cigarette or some weed, or to just simply trip some kid when they walk by your desk. Some kids fall into peer pressure for many different reasons, maybe because they’re desperate to be liked, they want to make people laugh, or they don’t want to lose their friends. “My freshman year, I still felt desperate to be liked. I had friends, but what I really wanted was to be part of “the group”. I didn’t think I was different from anybody else. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t chosen to be part of the big clique.” Parents play a big role in this time of their children’s lives.
Parents are often torn at this point, feeling a loss of control over influences and experience their son or daughter will encounter. Peer pressure now enters the scene, bringing an array of tempting new ideas to challenge each child. Peer pressure is perhaps the single most influential factor our little ones must learn to deal with. A strong sense of family values can go a long way i...

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...ssure if you want to do the same things others doing.
Even as peer pressure mounts in early adolescence, kids' brains are developing an ability to help fight the temptations of risky behavior, novel new research reports. Over the study period, activity increases in a brain region known as the ventral striatum correlated with an increase in the children's self-reported ability to deflect peer pressure, said study author Jennifer Pfeifer, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Oregon and director of its Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab. She added that early adolescence is a key period because peer influence has been shown to be greatest during late elementary to early middle school.
Hollywood has a giant impact on how children act in today’s society. They show drugs and alcohol on TV programs and in music and these teens think it is glamorous.

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