The Street Children of Latin America Essay

The Street Children of Latin America Essay

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An eight or nine year old boy with dirt in his face, wearing ripped jeans, shoes and a dirty shirt doing his best to stop one of a thousand cars in order for him to wash the windshields of a car for a miserable wage. This young man was struggling to carry a large container with soap and water and a small red rug which he held with his small, left hand. His facial expression revealed fear, doubt and resignation. The inside of me wanted to cry and at the same time, I wanted to take him with me and give him a warm cup of milk. He looked as if he had not eaten anything for days. As he approached our car the other drivers would curse him and tell him to disappear from this world. With a sad glimpse, he kept his journey towards our car. His big and dark brown eyes expressed pain, dismay, and despair. Heartbreaking stories similar to this one are most commonly occurring in the urban metropolis of Mexico and Latin America. These children suffer from the abandonment of their family and the economic issues of the country; moreover they are deprived to health care, exposed to violence, drugs, and HIV through sexual promiscuity. Street kids are not choosing to live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, parks or on the street itself; they are forced to take on the challenges of life that no other human being experiences in many years. Therefore, street children should be helped due to the constant marginalization.
Street kids are not always viewed as helpless kids in contrast they are often viewed as delinquents and worthless kids. “...when the child reaches puberty: it is then described as a ‘delinquent, lazy, homosexual, aggressive nuisance addicted to drugs,’ and therefore one that ‘belongs in an institution.’” (

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...nment thus they experience diseases and poverty. The children must overcome all the challenges of being alone in the streets. These children have fewer resources and opportunities, and it is up to us to change if not improve their life on the streets. We may accomplish this by creating shelters and maybe by helping the children get cultured by all means. These children are simply kids and should be treated acceptably as the rest.

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