Storm Chasing a Race to Save Lives Essay

Storm Chasing a Race to Save Lives Essay

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Since storm chasing was established back in 1960’s, Only 7 storm chasers have died during the chase and only three were actually caused by the tornado they were chasing. Even though storm chasing can be deadly, the risks storm chasers and meteorologists take are not high if handled responsibly and are justified by the lives they save.
Oklahoma is considered one of the prime spots for storm chasers to find tornados. Oklahoma is part of what is known as Tornado Valley which includes Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas and a couple other states depending on who you ask. It is called Tornado Valley for a very simple reason; it has a large amount of storms that produce tornados consistently. Storms happen all over the country, but it takes more than just a normal storm to create a tornado. Corey Binns in his article “Killer Storms” writes:
A tornado requires some basic ingredients to come together. First, energy in the form of warm, moist air must exist to feed thunder storms. Second, there must be a top layer of hot, dry air called a cap. This air acts like a lid on a simmering pot, holding in the warm air that’s accumulating in the atmosphere below until the storm’s ready to burst. Last, there has to be rotating winds speeding in oppositedirections at two different levels in the atmosphere, a phenomenon called wind shear, can cause the storms to rotate. Tornado alley is perfectly situated to meet these requirements. (1)
Most tornados produced from these storms are relatively weak, don’t enter inhabited areas, and cause little to no damage. The problem is that Oklahoma gets 55.1 tornados annually. With all of these tornados, a couple of them are bound to go through populated areas and cause damage. The damage the tornado causes incre...

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