Stop The Collapse Of Bee Colonies Essay

Stop The Collapse Of Bee Colonies Essay

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What can we actively take part in to stop the collapse of bee colonies? Bees are such a vital part of our everyday agriculture production, however, colonies are diminishing before our eyes. Colony Collapse Disorder is a massive decrease of bees in hives and it is greatly affecting our crops because bees are not distributing the necessary amount of pollen to crops in order for them to grow the maximum, most nutritious produce possible. There are many solutions that may help CCD, such as banning neonics, urban beekeeping, and interbreeding honey bees with African killer bees. The most effective way to decrease CCD is by interbreeding honey bees with a stronger specie of bees labeled African killer bees.
The honeybee population is dropping dramatically causing crop production to fall with it. The Federal Agriculture Research Service published that beekeepers are reporting a loss of 30 percent of their hives each year (Ring 9). Dr. Buchmann of the University of Arizona says that agricultural crops are highly dependant on the pollination of bees, leading to crops producing about $10 billion in the U.S. (Hannon 7). A recent study has shown that bees increase the value of crops each year by $15 million (“Honey Bees” 13). There are numerous causes to the problem of CCD. Insecticides in neonics for plants are killing bees when they pollinate the plant due to viruses and parasites found in the insecticides. Another cause is urbanization, in which we are exponentially creating more cities, destroying necessary habitats for bees to live in. The decrease in population is negatively affecting our food production from crops. Commercial productions of various specialty crops such as almonds, tree nuts, fruits, and vegetab...

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... but a sweeping pesticide ban may actually make things worse. Maclean’s 14 July 2014: 5. Global Issues In Context. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.
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“Rise in urban beekeeping may be bad for bees, scientists warn.” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] 14 Aug. 2013. Global Issues In Context. Web. 7 Oct. 2014.

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