Stereotypes Of The Bennet Sisters Essay

Stereotypes Of The Bennet Sisters Essay

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Stereotypes of the Bennet Sisters
Women are supposed to be shy, passive and submissive. Men are expected to be tough, aggressive, dominant and self-confident(Gender Stereotypes). In Pride and Prejudice, a book by Jane Austen, there is a married couple with five daughters and each of those daughters has their own way to showing a different stereotype within themselves. In this paper I’ll be showing that each sister shows a different type way that is affiliated by the way society is set up in the book.
In the book the Bennet sisters are still unmarried and their mother is wanting them to get married as soon as possible.When a bachelor from London comes to Longbourn the Bennet sisters get excited to get to meet him at the ball. At the ball he is taken by Jane Bennet, the eldest of the five sisters. Mr.Darcy is Mr.Bingley’s friend and he isn’t taken by anyone, which makes everyone think of him as arrogant. But in a course of time he finds himself attracted to Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest of the sister, because of her charm and intelligence. Jane’s and Mr.Bingley’s relationship continued and on her way to visit him she gets sick and Elizabeth walks all the way to the Bingley’s house to take care for her sister. When Elizabeth arrives Mr.Bingley’s sister starts to look at her low because of how she showed up to their house with mud and dirt all over her dress. But Miss Bingley notices that Mr. Darcy is taken by her and she doesn’t like that because she is wants his attention. When Elizabeth and Jane get back home, the other Bennet sister,Kitty and Lydia, are taken by the militia that is station near them. In the militia is a soldier named Wickham, who also knows Mr.Darcy and says that he was cheated out of inheritance...

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...y can have an effect on the way that a certain person can act and being able to get labeled by a stereotype. Jane was the first child so she always looked for the best in everyone but was a pushover and that is not always good for someone. Elizabeth was the one who was most common with today 's times of how women act now than any of the others by not letting people talk lower to her. Mary was the wallflower and nerd in a way to where she wasn’t sociable. Kitty and Lydia were impulsive, carefree, and boy crazy and were just child like with everyone and everything they did. Overall society now and in Jane Austen 's time played a role in giving young girls and everyone a stereotype. “ Studies have shown that we all unconsciously use stereotypes all the time and we don’t even know about it. Stereotypes are human instinct to sort information into mental categories(Chan).”

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