Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Native Americans

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In the movies and television shows many of us grew up watching, a stereotypical and even racist view of Native Americans was portrayed. Many of us grew up believing these detrimental stereotypes, believing they were either accurate or were not harmful. Native Americans are portrayed as wild savages who kill mercilessly in the old westerns your grandfather watched on Thanksgiving Day. Native American women are portrayed as sexy princesses who protect the white men that would later—historically speaking—wipe out their culture completely in your Disney movies. Lastly, the Native Americans who are portrayed as poor, lazy drunks who regularly smoke hallucinogens are in your comedy television shows. Without realizing these harmful stereotypes and racial profiling due to the fact that these beliefs have been ingrained in ourselves since we were very young, we continue to elaborate on them, not giving a second thought to the real people we may hurt. To begin, many of us grew up watching cartoons on television that may have depicted some form of racial profiling or stereotyping about Native Americans. We did not know that these were bad, and most likely our parents did not either—since they grew up with similar stereotypes associated with Native Americans. Due to previous generations of ignorance toward harmful stereotypes, present generations have been and/or remain ignorant. This leads in the continuation of stereotypes that Native Americans are wild, are uncivilized, practice nonsense linguistics and religion, are drunks, are poor, and that Native American women are inherently sexual. Such movies or television shows viewed by young children that are produced by white mainstream media include: Disney’s Pocahontas, Disney’s Peter Pan, Wa... ... middle of paper ... ...otypes and extremely racist depictions of Native Americans has influenced the way we view our fellow neighbors and has influenced our views in a negative way. Through many television shows and Hollywood movies, we are taught even from a very young age that Native Americans are groups of savage, uncivilized, and wild people. We are socialized to these negative connotations attached to Native American people, and the current native media being produced by Native Americans is working slowly to unravel the stereotypical ideas held by non-natives. Although very slowly, and with many limitations, the native media will hopefully work its way into the mainstream media, and will tear apart the idea that Native Americans are savage, hypersexualized, ignorant, and overly-spiritual. There is hope that one day Native American people will simply be viewed as humans by non-natives.
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