Essay on Statement of Pupose for Automotive Engineering

Essay on Statement of Pupose for Automotive Engineering

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I remember from my childhood days when my father used to go on a scooter to his office and often ride me to school. He had a dream of buying a car for the family. He experienced a lot of struggle in life. He used to travel in a bus to our neighboring town to teach in a small law school during weekends for extra money. He eventually lived his dream by buying a car for us. He taught me, nothing comes easy in life and struggle never stays forever. You have to be worthy and all it takes is faith, passion and hard work. No wonder, my passion for cars comes from my father.
Cars are the ultimate symbol of independence and individualism. They offer more than freedom. No other man made creation but car fulfills a man’s ego. Technology has been the evidence of how cars have evolved for about more than a century now. From a first car packing a single cylinder 958cc, 0.75hp engine to today’s most powerful 8000cc W16, 1300bhp Veyron. We live in such an engineering savvy era where even an increase of few grams in a vehicle’s weight means going back to the drawing board to get unerring dynamic performance. And for these exuberant reasons, mechanical engineering was a mere choice rather than a chance for me.
After securing good marks in pre University College, I got into one of the renowned engineering college in our state. And during the completion of first year, I and my fellow companions initiated the SAE Club in our college to participate in FSAE India 2011, duly known as SUPRA SAEINDIA. Our team known as Lakshya Racing comprising of 12 students was one of the few to get selected from over 100 colleges applied. We fabricated a formula 3 type race car for the prestigious event. An 800cc, 50bhp powertrain was provided from event sponsors Suzuk...

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...aft for six feet stretched 2006 Hummer H2. I had to design the shaft for critical speed and its torsional strength by taking into consideration for minimal vibrations in operation at different engine speeds. I’m thankful to my Manager Mr. Ayaz Patel for believing in me and giving an opportunity to demonstrate my skills.
Automotive Engineering program at your University perfectly suits my career ambitions. Curriculum made up of interesting subjects like Vehicle Dynamics, Lightweight Material Design, Hybrid Propulsion and Automotive Powertrain will strongly enhance my knowledge and skill. I shall hope to contribute fruitfully to the International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) and for the Deep Orange project currently going on at the University.
I look forward to being a better engineer than I am today by joining the student community at Clemson University.

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