Essay about State University ( Wsu ) Housing Facilities

Essay about State University ( Wsu ) Housing Facilities

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One of the problems that Weber State University (WSU) Housing Facilities are facing is the noises that occur every night at the common areas in Resident Hall I(R1). Some students are causing loud noises that disrupt other student’s activities.
These repeated noises cause inconvenience and an unenjoyable feeling for everyone who lives in this building. The noise could interfere with resident school performance, affect sleeping hours of residents, and potentially cause bad effects on emotional and physical health.
1. Noise pollution depends on the level of courtesy and civility of residents.
2. There is no policy statement regarding to the punishment for violation.
3. R1 facility’s structure design increases the noise pollution impact.

1. Resident Assistants(RA) in R1 should hold a meeting to let residents acknowledge noise pollutions, encourage open and honest conversation, and set expectation about courtesy among residents.
2. The Housing Office should consider a punishment for residents to prevent them from causing noises.
3. Redesign the facilities, isolate designated areas for studying, entertaining, and social activities.

WSU has two different types of housing facilities. University Village is an apartment style living. In contrast, Wildcat Village is a community style living. Wildcat Village is in the main Ogden campus; it consists of three buildings Resident Hall I, II, and Steward Wasatch Hall. Each building has different interior designs to fit personality and preferences of residents.
This report is written to analyze the noises in Resident Hall l (R1), specifically in the common areas. These areas are designed slightly different in the three floor levels. The common area ...

... middle of paper ...

... these areas are not enclosed space where students can concentrate on doing designated activities without distraction.

Based on the findings from different sources, here are my conclusions:
1. Noise pollution depend on the level of courtesy and civility of residents.
2. There is no policy statement regarding to the punishment for violation
3. R1 facility designs increase the noise pollution impact.

To help solve the problems stated above, three recommendations are provided:
1. Residents in R1 should have a meeting to address noise pollutions, encourage open, honest conversation about the issue, set expectation among residents.
2. The Housing Office should consider a punishment for resident to prevent them from causing noises.
3. Redesign the facilities, isolate designated areas for studying, entertaining, and social activities.

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