Essay on The State Of Delaware The Death Penalty

Essay on The State Of Delaware The Death Penalty

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In the state of Delaware the death penalty has occurred in many different occasions. It started off in the 1600s, when an unknown person was hung for attempted murder. Then in the 1700s, there was a woman named Catherine Bevan, who was burned alive for murdering her husband. The state of Delaware should not abolish the death penalty, because a man named "Anthony ‘Ray’ Hinton" was on Alabama death row for 30 years, then he was released in 2015 after the state of Alabama found him not guilty. Another was a man named Jermaine Wright, he was put on death row for 21 years. He was later on found not linked to the murder he was charged with and that he was put on death row for. This proves my point because a lot of people not only in the state of Delaware, but also all over the United States who have been put on death row for what they are innocent for. There are also people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time, who were penalized or killed for what they have no partake in. In that case the death penalty should not be abolished nor reinstated in the state of Delaware because of all of the people who are innocent and who have to partake in the violence should not be penalized for being innocent. According to statistics, experts state how 88 percent stated how having a death penalty does not decrease the amount of homicide, while on 5 percent believes that it decreases it. with that being I agree with the 88 percent because since a lot of innocent people get put in the position of death row, leaving those who was guilty and are still free giving those who committed the crime in the first place to more right and room to commit more homicide since they wan caught nor penalize for their pervious crimes. Another statistics shows...

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...g a murder what will happen to them. However for those who have already committed the crime it may allow them to put themselves in a position to understand what they have done to not only the person but the person 's family.
I disagree with this law because basically two wrongs don 't make it right. killing someone who committed murder doesn 't help the person to pay for the things they have done. its more like the person doesn 't have to face what they did wrong they are getting away from it. The person actually living with the things they have done and spending everyday behind bars is more of a punishment. It gives them time to sit and realize the pain they have caused another family. Having therm put on the death penalty gives them the satisfaction of knowing they don 't have to live with what they have done, because for them their reality is coming to an end.

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