Stakeholders Of A Stakeholder Analysis Essay

Stakeholders Of A Stakeholder Analysis Essay

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Stakeholder Analysis
Naturally there are several stakeholders involved in this debate. This section of this study will seek to identify the various stakeholders involved and to evaluate their stakes. The two biggest stakeholders in this debate are the government and taxpayers. An analysis of the government’s right to claim a stake in this debate arises from their need for revenue from its citizens. As previously mentioned the government needs these revenues to support itself, finance its debt, support those in need and to pay for the various social projects it creates for the citizens benefit or pleasure. The government in respects to taxation have an extremely high level of legitimacy, after all those who don’t obey face certain punishment. Which leads to the fact that the government also has an extremely high level of power. The government is the law of the land and everything within its power must either obey or face certain consequences. Thus, within limits they have the power to produce any result they want with relative ease regarding outside forces. The caveat is that often the political processes of Congress tend to put a drag on the results the government can produce. Regarding urgency, the government has a moderate to low level. Indeed, they do need the revenues to function, but given the immense number of those under its thumb, the need is often slow on an individualistic basis.
Taxpayers are another larger stakeholder in this debate. Their claim arises from the fact that the government is taking their earnings. This often raises debates about the ethics of requiring taxes (essentially taking from those who worked or earned it), often wealth redistribution and whether or not it is right for the government to decide wha...

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...attempting to enact a plan that was more “even” than a flat tax would be targeted. However, as discussed already this is a false perception as a flat tax, proportionately affects no one equally. A taxpayer’s preference would depend on their income levels as discussed. Therefore, lower-income taxpayers would fundamentally prefer a progressive tax system because it places far less burden on them, the middle class would slightly side with a progressive tax because a flat tax would mean more tax because it taxes solely wages which are this class’s main source of income. Business would much prefer a flat tax because only wages are taxed, dividends, capital gains, savings, and investments are left untouched. Therefore, most of society would agree with a progressive system, according to both Universalism and Rawls’ distributive just theories would agree with this statement.

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