Essay on Sports Journalism

Essay on Sports Journalism

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Sports Journalism

“Da na na Da na na”. Every sports fanatic knows what that famous tone means. It means that it is time for Sports Center, one of the most watched television programs in America. There are many expert journalists such as Bob Ryan and Buster Olney that make appearances on the show. They cover sports from different parts of the country. There is much more to sports journalism than what most people believe. For example, the first actual account of sports journalism dates back to 850 B.C.E when Homer recorded what seemed to be the first ever wrestling match (New World Encyclopedia). A person could also go back to the 1920’s, when sports in America had started to become more popular. This is known as the Golden Age in sports (Smith “Brief History”). Back in the Golden Age, journalists had to do hard work to get their stories out to the public. Today, journalists have access to the internet, the largest and most informative tool of all. There are many steps that a person must take in order to achieve their goal in becoming a sports journalist. A person must have inside connections with teams in order to provide the world with information first. This has become much easier with the role of technology. The world of sports has changed since the early 1900’s with the advancements in technology, and it continues to change every day as reporters and anchors have to adjust to the new social media dependent age.
According to Jennifer Smith, there was a growth in interest in the sports industry in the 1920’s, better known as the Golden Age (“Brief History”). This is the time when America was just getting out of World War I and was the start of the Great Depression (Smith “Brief History”). This is the era wher...

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...d determination to get the job done.

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