Southwest Airlines : The Top Leading Airline Companies Essay examples

Southwest Airlines : The Top Leading Airline Companies Essay examples

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Southwest Airlines is one of the top leading airline companies. It is also one of the top 10 fortune 500 admired companies according to Forbes Magazine. (Makovsky, 2014). Southwest which was founded in 1971 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. They offered very basic services to their customers and employees. There were no incentives, frills and offered a very basic structure. Their flights only flew out of Love Field in Dallas and to Houston and San Antonio. (Srinivasan, 2014).
Organizational Change
In the 80’s, the new CEO, Lamar Muse, of Southwest changed its perspective and did an overhaul on their culture. He first adopted the “love” theme and actually spelled it “Luv.” In addition, he believed in treating their employees as their top priority. They wanted to value their employees and treat them as important assets. (Mudili, 2011). The idea is that the employees will encompass the company’s value and mission statement, thus, treating the customers with the same perspective. To implement the “Luv” theme, everything was named Luv. Drinks were called Luv options on flights. Machines were called Luv machines. Everything incorporated “luv” to its name.
Southwest also implemented their new mission statement by offering what was already a low fare, to even lower from $26 to $13. When booking lights, passengers had a choice to select between the two fares. They can either pay $26 or $13 for their ticket. Both fares offered the same seats. The difference is that with the $26 fare, customers were offered gifts such as ice buckets or whiskey. They found this option to be very effective as majority of customers selected the $26 fare over the $13 fare. Southwest acquired an additional airline allowing them to offer more departure time...

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...ason why they are leaving. Then, address the issue. This information can be found during the exit interviews, or get a survey from the current employees to see what changes can be made to make the employees happier. By finding to out the core problem, is only when it can be addressed.
The organization and can also change how it treats their employees by making them feel appreciated. This could be done by saying thank you, throwing holidays parties, or monetary incentives during the holidays. They will also need to change the way how employees are treated by upper management to ensure they are treating their employees with respect. Any complaints from the employees should be taken seriously.
For Organizations that struggle with poor image, they can implement a positive image and market it to the public. Southwest came up with a few different slogans and incorporated

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