Sophocles' Antigone: A Great Tragedy Essay

Sophocles' Antigone: A Great Tragedy Essay

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One decisions changes your entire life and the lives of others. One decision can create a major difference, but one decision can create major conflict. One decision affects all other decisions. The effects of one decision are present in Antigone by the greek author, Sophocles. The setting of Antigone is the ancient city of Thebes after a battle between Polyneices and Eteocles. During the battle, a great tragedy occurs when Eteocles and Polyneices kill each other. The battle is a result of one decision by Polyneices to conquer Thebes, and his attempt is a utter failure. Polyneices' decision to attack Thebes dramatically alters the future course of Thebes. Polyneices's attack removes Eteocles from power and promotes Creon to power. Creon believes he is acting in the best interest of the state by establishing his power as king of Thebes. Creon's decree preventing any citizen from mourning or burying Polyneices is establishing his authority. Creon creates this edict because of Polyneices' traitorous acts against Thebes. Creon feels this action helps Thebes work to become a better city. The citizens of Thebes are not entirely content with Creon's ruling. One brave person dares to do the right thing, and this person is Antigone, brother of Polyneices. Antigone valiantly acts to see morality prevails over what Creon considers right for the state with the looming possibility of death. Antigone acts courageously, but Creon murders Antigone for her deeds. Antigone puts others and her beliefs above herself. Antigone experiences true tragedy. In Antigone, Antigone garners more sympathy and fear than Creon because of her devotion to divine law, loyalty to family, and defiance of Creon in the face of death.
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...amily, and her opposition to himself. Antigone does not act with hostility to Creon. Antigone's motives for her actions are love and obedience. Antigone loves her family, so she refuses the idea to not help them. Antigone obeys the divine laws of the gods in Thebes because she has respect for the dead. Antigone's love and obedience create an opposition to Creon's beliefs. Antigone suffers to prevent suffering. Antigone's actions could not escape the looming cloud of death Creon creates. Antigone's actions are an example for society. Her example stresses the importance of doing the right thing regardless of the harm a person might experience. Love is a power without constraints. Love should compel us to do the right thing always. Accomplishing the right thing no matter the circumstances is a concept prevailing in society yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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