Essay Solution Focused Therapy For Children And Families

Essay Solution Focused Therapy For Children And Families

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As we grow up, we begin to forget what it is like to be a child and how sweet and innocent we were. We forget these things because of the daily stressors that are thrown at us as mature. In my future, I want to be able to help children hold on to their innocence; because for some, it is taken from them far too early. By providing counseling for children in need there is hope that therapists can guide their adolescent patients onto a path that will allow them to live a great life no matter what their goals are. I believe that solution-focused therapy will be useful in my future work with children and families. With this intention, my paper will be describing the work done with children and families using solution-focused techniques.
To begin, solution-focused therapy gets many of its ideas from the systemic framework. Within the systemic framework the term cybernetic is used often. Cybernetic means “steersmen” in the Greek language, which implies the cybernetic systems are self-correcting and able to steer their own path (White & Klein, 2008). Within systemic assumptions, an individual’s behavior or symptom always makes sense in the person’s context and as therapists we cannot discredit that. All of these behaviors or symptoms serve a purpose in the system. Also, second order cybernetics says the therapist is not an expert, but instead a co-creator of the therapeutic system (White & Klein, 2008).
In addition, solution-focused therapy pulls some ideas from the postmodern era, but specifically the constructivism framework. Postmodernism is considered a new way of thinking about the world. With the shift to postmodernism ways of thinking it is believed that reality is constructed and that there are many different persp...

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...mplainants identify a problem, but believe that others need to change, not them. The last type of patient is the customer, they identify a problem and want to take actions to move towards a solution of the client’s choice (White & Klein, 2008). Berg and Steiner (2003) say that the child is always the involuntary patient or the visitor because they never seem to identify a problem that they are having. However, the parent, school teacher, or social worker do think that there is some sort of problem. When this happens it becomes obvious that the child is the visitor and the parent is the complainant (Berg & Steiner, 2003). Who will be involved in therapy is determined by the client and their situation. When working with a child it is usually helpful to have the parents be an active member. Next, the therapist and the patient will engage in conversation to discover ways

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