The Social Security Act Public Policy Essay

The Social Security Act Public Policy Essay

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The social security act was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt so that he could put in place provisions in order to help the elderly. The social security act a document that helps impoverished citizens, such as the elderly and physically impaired receive benefits after retirement. Citizens’ in America during the great depression where expected to work weather elderly or physically disabled. These citizens weren’t afforded the financial stability to retire so work was a necessity to acquire money. “Prior to social security, the elderly routinely faced the prospect of poverty upon retirement” (U.S SSA). This effect of the great depression led to a lot death and homes turning into singled parent homes with no income. “The widespread of suffering brought numerous proposals of national old-age insurance system” (U.S SSA). Roosevelt and his administration saw a problem and creating the social security act. The social security act contributed to the elimination of the great depression and the impoverished America.

Before the social security act of 1935 the support of the elderly was a “state matter”, the state held the power to regulate money that was given to the people. The elderly and physically disabled had to rely on their sates to implement programs to help them financially and most states during the great depression didn’t see this problem as a necessity. The Roosevelt administration caught this and created social security on a national level. “The social security act of 1935, an act which sought to provide general welfare by establishing a system of federal old-age benefits, and by enabling the several states to make more adequate provisions” (SSA). The key word in the quote is “federal old age benefits” which means the...

... middle of paper ... it will protect the people.
The social security act insured that the people rights where being upheld. The act being strongly supported by the Roosevelt administration aloud it to still be apart of today programs. The act was supported not only by the Roosevelt administration but the people and their advocation of rights forced the government to comply. The act assured the people then and know will be protected by the provision put in places as well as the federal government. The act necessary in the stability and development of the nation, and the insurance of the peoples well being.

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