Essay on The Social Problem Of Poverty

Essay on The Social Problem Of Poverty

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Since poverty has been a major social problem throughout the history, there are lots of researches talk about it. Therefore, the more I research and read, the more I feel like my paper is still poor and needs more information to be added. I also, want to do more research to understand about poverty; what causes poverty? Why do many countries around the world still cannot it get rid of it or cannot do anything about it even though they know that poverty may cause other problems, especially the United States since it is one of the wealthiest country in the world? And why has the social media paid attention to it more than any other issues that could be more dangerous. In addition to that, this social issue has been my focal discussion. I am already familiar with it and have some background about it. So I do not think that I would change my topic. I will keep reading and reading until I find some valuable answers to the vague questions and also to support my paper by using strong examples.
Finding the Two Sources
I hope to learn how individuals around the world think about poverty in their own perspectives, because some of them have already experienced the poverty lifestyle. They have been into it, so they know how poverty looks like. Therefore, I found two sources from the databases and it was very simple to find them because as I mentioned before everyone talks about poverty. Moreover, what made me choose these two sources was the title and the cover of the two videos look very meaningful. In addition to that, I think that the two sources are related to what I wrote in the previous assignments. According to the descriptions of the sources, they demonstrate how poverty is a serious problem in the world, what are the causes and fac...

... middle of paper ...

... role in todays ' circumstances. Recently, humanitarian organizations have found a method to determine the level of poverty. They also write, “A potentially more efficient method of determining a poverty line, however, is through what is called the minimum income question or MIQ.” The MIQ method can measure the poverty line with precision. In conclusion, before I did some researches about my topic, I was a little bit confused. I did not know what I was going to write to reach 1750 words. I could not even imagine that I would write another 1750 words. I barely could finish the interviews’ assignment. However, after I have done more research and followed the Drs’ instructions, I felt that I can do it. Moreover, I have learned new information and found answers to my questions that had been stuck in my mind since I started writing the proposal and interview assignments.

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