Social Networking Sites Have On Individuals Personality Essay

Social Networking Sites Have On Individuals Personality Essay

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Toma & Jeffrey (2013) explain that a profuse amount of studies undertaken by academic researches have commenced in relation to understanding the characteristics that social networking site have on individuals personality. Toma & Jeffrey (2013) argue that numerous sources show a common concern with social networking sites, displaying cynical speculations associated to social net working sites and its use within society. The main points made in this academic journal is that, academics, media and the general public all express a mutual consensus that social networking sites are used in a negative manner. Expressing that social networking sites promote ‘procrastinating, gossiping, relieving boredom, and narcissism. However, most of the studies somewhat contradict each other which makes the information confusing to understand. Overall the journal is quite valuable due to its authenticity, displaying numerous insights on the topic and is within a suitable time period. Which makes this journal most beneficial for a research assignment.
Rosen, L, Whaling, K, Rab, S, Carrier, L & Cheever, N 2013, 'Is Facebook creating "iDisorders"? The link between clinical symptoms of psychiatric disorders and technology use, attitudes and anxiety ', Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 1243-1254.
Rosen, Whaling, Rab, Carrier & Cheever (2013) journal article explains the link between clinical symptoms of psychiatric disorders and technology use. The key arguments made throughout this article expresses the use of technology predominantly Facebook and the effects it contributes to people mental functioning associated to Facebook use. The journal displays various convincing studies that explain some disturbing truths in relation to the rise of...

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... and makes it rational to use for a research project.

Gebauer, JE, Sedikides, C, Verplanken, B, Maio, GR & King, L 2012, 'Communal Narcissism ', Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. 103, no. 5, pp. 854-878.

The journal of personality and social psychology generally covers the topic of narcissism and the characteristics associated to it. The journal argues that there are two types of narcissism as opposed to the traditional agenetic narcissist type, explaining the relevance of communal narcissism and its importance in the study of understanding narcissistic behaviour. The strengths of this journal is its originality of comparing the original type of narcissism and the newly formed communal type which provides a deeper insight into the topic area. The weakness seems that the argument to be invalid as Narissist is generally known to put him self

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