The Social Networking Sites And Facebook Essay

The Social Networking Sites And Facebook Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to see if there are any differences between two separate companies that manufacture the same genre. In this paper, the chosen companies are the social networking sites: Facebook and MySpace. The reason to analyze these two webpages is because when Facebook was created, it replaced and put MySpace in the shadow, and MySpace lost millions of users to Facebook (Hartung, 2011). This paper will find out what the reasons were that users went from MySpace to Facebook. The date viewing these two webpage was on November 19, 2015. By looking at what kind of demographic that uses these two webpages have, and what their interests are, it will help create the methodology part of this section.
Principles of Design
There is not much attention paid for a design when everything is correctly ordered. The average person seldom sees design in anything at all. While we read newspapers daily without noticing the skeletal framework that orders the headlines, photography, graphics, text and other stylistic elements of a page (Bivins & Ryan, 1995). An example could be when we raise our glasses to toast; we do not realize that stems are designed to keep our hands from warming the wine. A good design is like it exists, but does not call for attention to itself.
Analysis of Facebook vs. MySpace
By looking at Appendix 1 for Facebook and Appendix 2 for MySpace, the design of Facebook webpages is pretty straight forward, and has an easy overview, however, the design of MySpace webpages is dark and a bit confusing. To understand this, the five principles of design will help analyze it a bit more:
1. Emphasis: Each design needs a focus. There should be one element to create a fixation point on the page, advertisement, poster o...

... middle of paper ...

...utrell, 2014).
MySpace on the other hand was created in the United States by Tom Anderson in 2003 and has its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. MySpace has over 100 million users, and in 2006 was the most popular social networking site before Facebook took over. It is a social networking sites where you can create profiles, read messages, view pictures, listen to music that others publish and comment on the second post. Anyone can browse the pages, but you must sign a separate profile for posting things yourselves. MySpace is intended so that anyone can join, but is best known as a place for musicians. It is popular for nascent artists to upload their own songs to their profiles. Many artists have been discovered through MySpace, and more and more are being discovered every day. Someone who has achieved fame through MySpace is Lily Allen and Sean Kingston.

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