Social Networking : An Age Neutral Commodity Essay

Social Networking : An Age Neutral Commodity Essay

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There once was a time where Myspace and Facebook were the central source of social networking. Now, there are countless social media sites, including, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. To have a better understanding of how social media works, the public should be aware of the fundamentals of what social media is and who is behind the screen running these sites/apps. According to Dick Stroud, author of Social networking: An age-neutral commodity -- Social networking becomes a mature web application defines social networking (2008) as, “The overarching thing about social networks is that they are driven by their members. The website owner establishes the style of the network, provides the functionality, creates/imports content and sets the rules. But it is the ongoing levels of activity of the network users that determine the site 's continuing success”. Mutually all these sites share the same objective in common which is to socialize among peers and others through an online social networking site. However, social networking does have its flaws when it comes to the part that isn’t seen posted online.
For example Jack Dorsey the newly chief executive of Twitter who has decided to cut more than 300 jobs from his company, according to the Vindu Goel of the New York Times. In his article Twitter to Cut More Than 300 Jobs (October, 2015) Goel said, “Twitter announced Tuesday that it was exterminating as many as 336 employees, or 8 percent of its work force, to streamline and refocus as it tries to find ways to attract new users to its social network”. Prior to the cuts some employees had already felt the pressure during Twitters revamping efforts as they were trying to expand their brand growth. Out of those employees the lead...

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...d cut 300 jobs from his employees who are now in the process of seeking out new jobs at different companies. While Dorsey has since been rehired at CEO again he had provided each employee who lost their job with a “generous” exit package including 60 day pay, but this still seems unprofessional since none of the employees had received a warning. Fundamentally speaking social networking comes with its positive and a negative including what is not seen from the other side of the screen. Goel’s article ends with an optimistic note, he writes Chris Aniszczyk, who left Twitter two weeks prior to be terminated and had posted a list via Twitter of job openings at other companies, including Microsoft and Instacart (Goel, 2015). As changes can be made at any time and technology continues to advance, who knows what social networking along with their CEOs are working on next.

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