Social Media 's New Political Aspect And The Issues Regarding Subliminal Messages

Social Media 's New Political Aspect And The Issues Regarding Subliminal Messages

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when taking into consideration that other institutions or private entities can pay to potentially enhance their own agendas or those in other political arenas. Zittrain also addresses the legality behind the process of online gerrymandering and how data companies reserve their own right to privacy, Therefore algorithms which could produce the ability to potentially rig a political outcome don 't have to be disclosed. However, both negative and positive aspects exist amongst Zittrains theory, if data companies actually provide and implement fair algorithms to suit people 's beliefs then data companies positively affect voter outcome. On the other hand if data companies hold biases within their algorithms decisions and voter behavior may be falsified. The data within this article concludes with a brief comparison of social media’s new political aspect and the issues regarding subliminal messages in 1974. Lastly there is an emphasis on protecting the right of free speech and preventing unfair partisanship via social media outlets (Zittrain,2010)
In regards to social media’s ability to mobilize and stimulate action amongst its users, three major events can be identified. Occupy Wall St., YoSoy132, and the Taksim protest (Bacallao-Pino,2014) All of these events were organised via social network, in this case Twitter plays the most prominent role. The research illustrates Twitter 's ability to mobilize large groups of people, though in an unorganized fashion. It’s shown that Twitter revolutions tend have no clear cut leaders but instead emphasize power through peaceful protest. Protest such #occupy wall st. are analyzed discussing the nature at which it grew. Explaining all aspects of the movement throughout the United States, ranging ...

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... variables is necessary in this case social media assumes the role of the dependant variable. Social media is defined as: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking (Google, 2016). Using processes of content analysis I interpret how social media plays into the formation of political uprisings and data transmission across these platforms. Using this process has allowed for a clear distinction of socials networks roles and such methods have been applied in other research efforts in regards to similar topics.
Independent Variables:
Political revolutions
A political revolution, in the Trotskyist theory, is an upheaval in which the government is replaced, or the form of government altered, but in which property relations are predominantly left intact. In this aspect, areas of political change that relate

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