Social Influences On Behavior And Behavior Essay

Social Influences On Behavior And Behavior Essay

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Social Influences On Behavior
It is not surprising that philosophers and scientists study what effects the social environment has on the thoughts, emotions, and behavior of the people because the world is very converse. Social psychology is the study of what effects groups have on individuals and how experiencing part of a group affects a person’s thinking, feelings, and behavior. People like to reflect themselves as independent, however, a person’s actions is influenced by the perspectives and engagements of the people around him or her. Conformity, obedience, and group process are the different types of influence.
“Conformity means changing attitudes or behavior to accommodate the standards of peers or groups. The pressure to conform can be immense, even if subtle. Wearing a thin tie when wide is in vogue makes many men uncomfortable, as does wearing the wrong brand of tennis shoes for many teenagers” (Kowalski & Westen, 2011, p. 653). Conformity happens when the individual gives into the requests of the group, although the feelings of the individual are to do otherwise. The individual is persuaded to comply with the group to belong to the group.
Family influence can lead to children being overweight because children and adolescents are projected to grow and gain weight during much of childhood and adolescence. One of the reasons that few behavioral factors have been consistently identified in observational studies as predictors of excessive weight gain or obesity during childhood and adolescence.
Peer pressure can lead to a multitude of behaviors both positive and negative. Peer group pressure is widely regarded as a central factor affecting young people 's early experimentation with tobacco and their subsequent willingness to ...

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...of violence needs to be broken. Aggression is usually a reactive behavior whereas violence is a learned behavior. Neither is acceptable in society.
Social psychology is the application of theoretical and research aspects of everyday life. Social behavior and environmental factors, such as the work carried out on “personal space” and the effects of crowding, the social dynamics involved in doctor-patient interactions, and courtroom dynamics are areas of social psychology that need to be researched. It is complex interactions with family and peers that make most individuals reactors instead of actors. Only an individual with a strong personality and view of the world can overcome these influences. Culture is also an influence that places a role in the way a person interacts within a society. What people see as normal in one society may not be seen as normal in another.

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