Essay The Social Hierarchy Of The City

Essay The Social Hierarchy Of The City

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D. Cities have specialized differentiation of work where people are craftsmen, soldiers etc and wealth is not equally distributed, creating social hierarchy and distinction
Cities are places favoured by a source of income-trade, intensive agriculture and possibility of surplus food, a physical resource like a metal, a geomorphic source, or a human resource.
E. Cities should have records.
G. Intimately engaged with their countryside, territory that feeds them, which they protect and provide services for.
H. Cities are places with certain monumental definition, where the fabric is more than a blanket of residences, a set of buildings, giving city a particular identity.
I. Cities are places where buildings and people coexist., it is like Kevin lunches idea where he mentioned that cities form their actual function and ideas and values that people attach to them makeup a single phenomenon.
The most impressive and assurance of the city is its build which is persistent incremented to the economic demand, style vogue but conserving the past. At the same time, urban changes more than any other human grouping, economic innovation comes rapidly, and immigration and intellectual advance also blow stronger in the urban. This is very important in a city and the urban.
Coexistence and transcription- the suggestion of the author taking events from history is that these 2 primary versions of urban arrangement, the planned and the organic, exists side by side where the medieval historic towns were regular and their herculean additions, organic.
Most of the historic towns are likely a composite of several units-which are results of self-renewing power of design (Wolfgang Braunfels). The 2 forms may not stand in separate and in relation to each oth...

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... of the community but always falls to the other side. The privilege of the owner in throwing up such building not even considering the legacies and the burden enforced on the community on carrying out or bearing the consequences is a very sad situation. Though the developers drive their interests in the city overruling with the kind of money they invest and take control over the city administrators and designers, the citizens as a collective voice should ultimately decide the shape of their city.
On a concluding note, the authors lines itself hold true-“if we believe that cities are the most complicated artefact we have created, if we believe further that they are cumulative, generational artefacts that harbour our values and community and provides us with the setting where we can learn to live together, then it is our collective responsibility to guide their design”

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