Essay on Social Construction Of Privilege And Oppression

Essay on Social Construction Of Privilege And Oppression

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Every society forms different cultures and social norms how people behave and constructs stereotypes and expectations of people based on how they were seen throughout history and cultural backgrounds. Once set, norms are unlikely to be changed over time. This social construction decides which group will have benefits and privileges and which won’t. One example of these social constructed norms is gender. Gender, regardless of how different cultures define it, is generally and mostly made up of masculinity, femininity.
This social construction created the system of privilege and oppression. Under the system, “some have advantages in accessing resources while others are disadvantaged by unequal access to right to life and happiness” (44). Privilege is an advantage or special right that a person can get since birth. People with privilege are supported by institutions of society and others of a dominant group. It gives individuals or groups more powers than others. Privilege always goes with oppression, which is defined as non-dominant, abnormal, and exceptional.
Likewise, within the whole society, the concept of intersectionality has emerged. It is the idea of the intersections between groups of minorities and the systems of oppression and disadvantage that interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels. It examines how interconnected nature of cultural and social categories such as gender, race, ability and class applies to given individuals or groups. These axes are interdependent and related to one another that contribute to injustice and social discrimination. According to Shaw and Lee, the axes of “race, class, age, ability, all are determinants of gender” (47).
Specifically, intersectionality mostly deals with femininity ...

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...ld feel how sad for people being oppressed and ignored is in which they live. There could be much oppression that people could not avoid from having them. Even though it is not their choices to have the non-privileges related to class, race, or ability, people cannot but abiding by the social norm that the society created on the basis of people with better conditions and qualifications.
People often do not recognize the fact that how greatly this intersectionality relates to themselves or people around them. It is not common to realize the fact that they are being privileged as individuals in their society and many who have social oppressions under the society are struggling for their freedom. Intersectionality is very crucial factor in every society because it not only influences every one, but also leads to huge impacts on social and economic problems as a whole.

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