Essay about The Social And Individual Consequences Of Binge Drinking

Essay about The Social And Individual Consequences Of Binge Drinking

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1. Introduction

Alcohol is a legalized drug that is often consumed in excess. The heavy consumption of alcohol or binge drinking is an issue in New Zealand society that has not been discussed until recently however the social cost of binge drinking is increasing rapidly. This report discuses the behavior of binge drinking, and the looks at the reasons that people participate in this behavior. It also discusses the social and individual consequences of binge drinking

The main sources used to research this report were journal articles sourced from both Ebesco database and Google Scholarly. Other types of information include books and a New Zealand television documentary.

There were several limitations experienced with this report. There was a large amount of information on the issue of Alcohol consumption. However this information was mainly internationally based and lacked New Zealand statistics. The majority of information focused on alcohol consumption as a whole and combined issues such as alcoholism and binge drinking.

2. Findings

2.1 What is Binge Drinking?
Binge drinking is a modern attitude to the consumption of alcohol with the common goal for individuals to get intoxicated in a short period of time. Donnelly, Kent-Wilkinson and rush (2013) defines binge drinking consumption of five or more alcoholic drinks in a single session and if this behaviour occurs more than 12 times a year it is considered to be heavy drinking. This type of behaviour is common in New Zealand society. The New Zealand Law commission (2010) suggests that the New Zealand binge drinking culture is one of excess. Many individuals who participate in this behaviour often abstain from alcohol during the week however large amounts of alc...

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Hogan, S. P., Perks, K. J., & Russell-Bennett, R. (2014). Identifying the Key Sociocultral Influences on Drinking Behaviour in High and Moderate Binge-drinking countries and he public policy implications. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 33(1), 93-107.
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Potentially hazardous drinking - Statistics New Zealand. (2013, December). Retrieved from

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