Essay on The Snake: Iago in Othello

Essay on The Snake: Iago in Othello

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The Snake
Mahatma Gandhi explains the destruction of revenge: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”. (IC: “Quote.”) “Eye for an eye” is a metaphor for revenge. It means if something is stolen, it should be stolen back. In this case, the things being stolen are eyes. The second part “makes the whole world blind” means that revenge will not solve problem. Instead, it creates problems. In Othello, the evil Iago manipulates Othello into ruining his own life in the name of revenge. He tells Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is cheating on him. He presents Othello fake evidence time and time again until he is convinced. Othello is so angered that he murders his own wife, who has done nothing wrong. Only after she is dead, Desdemona is proven innocent. In immense guilt, Othello commits suicide. Iago finally gets his revenge. The character Iago, in Shakespeare's Othello, goes from being manipulative and two faced by subtly controlling people into ruining Cassio’s career to being cunning and malicious by outright destroying Othello’s career, lover and life with violent deaths.
In Othello, Iago is a manipulative person in Act 1. He manages to convince Roderigo into selling all his land instead of committing suicide. In Scene 3 of Act 1, Roderigo is very upset because Othello and Desdemona are still together. There was hope when Montano found out about their marriage; nonetheless, the two remained married. (IC; CA, IC) Roderigo loves Desdemona and seeing her with Othello makes him want to die. Iago pulls Roderigo’s puppet strings and gets him to save money instead. He convinces Roderigo that Desdemona is the type of a girl that would marry a man for money; thus, he should save all the money he can. (IC; CA, IC) Then she will lov...

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... are both dead. In a way, they are both blind. Through Othello, Shakespeare is trying to show readers a lesson about the nature of humans. Even though the need for revenge is great in humans, revenge is still destructive. (DC, IC) The need for revenge is shown through Iago, who is engulfed in blind hatred and obsessed with gaining revenge on Othello. He did not stop until he succeeded. The destruction of revenge is shown through the outcomes of both Othello and Iago. Othello is tricked into murdering his own life and kills himself. He will never know why he was tricked. He lost his wife, career and life. Likewise, Iago throws away everything to get revenge on Othello. He also lost his wife and career. The only thing he has left is life. Sometimes, life is not always better than death. A life lived is a better than a life tortured.

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