Slavery Is A Part Of Human History Essay

Slavery Is A Part Of Human History Essay

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Slavery has being a part of human history for centuries. Powerful civilizations captured their neighbor people and enslaved them. These people are primarily used for labor in constructions and farms. Other times slavery is mean to pay off debt that you owe someone. In these cases, slavery wasn 't intended to be for life or a system of hereditary; moreover, slavery only happens with people of the same skin color. However, slavery had evolved over time. When Columbus set foot in the American continent, he enslaved the Native Americans as a mean to advance his personal interests. The practice of enslaving other people that had different skin color had contributed to the U.S 's slavery. The American system of slavery was different from that of the ancients because of the enslavement of people of different skin color. I would argue that the American slavery is worse than any type of slaveries we ever were known and should be rid of. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass written by Frederick Douglass and edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. described how slaves in the U.S were treated before the American Civil War. The cruelties that these slaves faced every day were beyond what all of us would expected. They were abused with force and starvation by their masters and overseers, additionally they were also being suppressed by their owners, intellectually and economically. Many of us think of slavery as an act of confinement and denying a person of his/her freedom. However, American slavery is way worst than that. Slavery in U.S is a way to suppress generations of African Americans by treating them with violence. As Douglass described what he saw " I had seen [master] tie up a lame young woman, and whip her with a heavy cowskin upon her...

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...uelties and deprivations that Douglass described. After all, many stories of the horrendous treatments of slaves will never be told because the majority of slaves were Comment [G23]: Deleted:d Comment [G18]: Inserted: ve Comment [G22]: Deleted:s Comment [G19]: Inserted: the Comment [G20]: Inserted: a Comment [G21]: Inserted: ting Comment [G28]: Deleted:, Comment [G27]: Deleted:e Comment [G24]: Inserted: ing Comment [G26]: Deleted:for Comment [G25]: Inserted: s
illiterate. Most of us would never understand the experience that these slaves had experienced, and those who did not might find slavery to be good. But they would never understand who slaves feel when they were whipped, starved and lived in a plantation. American slavery is inherently wrong because it deprives slaves from freedom, intellects and prosperity that they equally deserve as much as the white men.

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